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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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5:30 on this st. patrick's day thursday. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i am adrienne pedersen in for gayle. let's get to it. first, breaking news for you. for ththe second time this weekek, the sunshine skyway bridge is clclosed. this morning. so you're getting a liveve look
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you can see the foggy conditions there on the bridge. you can really barely see anything at all. officials saying that the visibility in the area less than 100 feet. again, sunshine skyway bridge closed r right now. also breaking this morning, while you were sleeping, tampa police shot and killed a man that shot at one of their officers. this investigation is underway right now. it's all happening on cherokee avenue in south tampa. and now popolice tell us they initially responded to this home for a domestic disturbance call. we will have a live report on what led up to this. that's coming up in two minutes. right now, we want to go ahead and get back to the fog, leigh. three e days with fog. today not as bad. >> not as widespread. when you look at the visibility map, this shows you how far you can see into the fog and just about everybody is clear but there are some low-hanging clouds across the entire region and if you zoom down here to the sunshine skyway bridge, some of the clouds have lowered just enough to be considered fog and really hinder your visibility. closed.
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your st. patrick's day for sure. 68 in zephyrhills. 70 in bartow. 71 bradenton. here is the forecast. some fog, again, not a lot this morning, just where it is, an important spot. mild at 71 degrees at 8:00 a.m. lucky by 3:00 p.m., 18 degrees. and 75 degrees at 8:00. just a 10% rain chance. and they are dieing the river green on saturday but that's when we have a better rain chance. at a5:38, i have the eight-day temperature trend for and you leslslee is going to let you know if you have to trend a longtime around this bridge. i tell you what, it's really bad if you work or live on either side of the bridge. foggy, foggy, foggy. sunsnshine skyway y bridge again closed down, i-75 is your alternate there. you go. not going to get t by. allow fofor extra time depending on which way you're going. northbound on the veterans expresswsway, from ehrlich to hutchison, the northbound lanes blocked.
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construction. and dale mabry highway or even gunn highway which is also sheldon further to the south, those are your alternates. southbound, not affected. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and adrienne. >> thank you, leslee. let's get back to the breaking news wewe were just showing you. so tampa police shot and killed someone with a gun overnight. now they claim that man fired a shot right at one of their officers. the investigation is happening now. that's on cherokee avenue in south tampa. let's go straight out to news channel 8's ryan hughes live at the scene. ryan, i just checked my email and saw we got an update about two minutes ago. bring us up to speed here. what can you tell us? >> reporter: adrienne, good morning to you. you can see a vast number of police officers here. well. they are still investigating this situation. it was around 3:00 when the shots rang out. we are told it started when police were called here because there was a man involved in a
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he came to the door, didn't show his hands,s, went back in. and he came back out with a gun and opened fire on the police officers. luckily they had a shield with them. the shield was up and at least one bullet struck the shield. that's when officers returned fire immediately and struck the man. one neighbor said he heard eight, maybe 10 shots go off. a police spokesman told us that it was a close call this morning. listen here. >> the officers are very lucky but that's where your training comes in. they tried to end it peacefully and they were trying to engage him in conversation. i don't know why the gentleman pulled out the gun and fired. but he did. >> reporter: all this still under investigation. police are still piecing everything together, still here onscene, talking to witness, talking to the woman who was in the home with that man. we're told she was not hurt. we don't have the man's
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she is yet at this point. the officers involved will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation likely done by the florida department of law enforcement. obviously a scary situation for officers this morning. >> yeah, i'm sure. i just saw two that they were talking back and d forth with this man for about 45 minutes. so this had to be a tense situation. thank you, ryan, we will check back soon. you can download our breaking newsws app so you can stay on top of news no matter where you are, any time of day. time now 5:35. right now, several law enforcement agencies are questioning five people accused of snatchining purses from manatee to polk counties. and news channel 8's josh thomas joins us live from lake whales. josh, how did these people get away with the robberies? >> reporter: that's a good question and that's what investigators are trying to figure out. now they had been questioning the suspects pretty much all night here at the lake whales police department.
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string of snatchings over the past week from manatee to here in polk county. and now the latest happened yesterday as a woman sat in her car at a a publix parking lot. one suspect came up to her and asked d her a question and the next thing she knew, she was a purse snatching victim after he reached inside her window and took her purse. >> you think you're sitting in the car. and you don't even think anyone can see you that far down but they can. >> reporter: now she contacted d the police who found that stolen jeep with five people inside here in lake whales. one of them, an adult, the other four minors. they were all taken in for questioning and have been questioned for several hours here at the lake whales police department. and we learned that a 19-year- old of eagle lake was arrested and charged with grand theft auto. the other four minors all from lakeland have been charged with other offenses. gene -- >> okay. and a reminder for everybody,
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thank you. well this morning, surveillance video of the dramatic crash that ended a polk county pursuit. you can see the car flip, flip once again and then catch fire. it's a little grainy but look closely at the video. it's surveillance video from a business in lakeland. you can see there, you see that moving in the back on the top part of the screen? that was the car. and it shows the car which had been stolen during an armed carjacking last month, went over the bank, flipped over and finally burst into flames. henry cokier, the business own e could not believe he captured this on camera. >> -- owner, could not believe he captured this on camera. >> he must have been going 56, 75 miles per hour because it launched. >> two teens inside survived. now according to sheriff grady judd, both have criminal records. it's 5:37. happening today, supreme court nominee judge merrick garland will be meeting with lawmakers
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president barack obama nominated dc appeals court chief judge garland to fill the vacant seat on the u.s. supreme coururt. the judge would replace justice antonin scalia who died suddenly last month, leaving the court split evenningly with four liberals and four conservatives. and garland, a former federal prosecutor promises to rise above partisanship. >> people must be confident that i judge's decisions are determined by the law and only the law. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says garland won't even get a hearing but some gop senators are saying they'll still talk to him. all right, it is 5:38 on this thursday morning, st. patrick's day. and we a are just finding out about more fog in the area, leigh. >> that's right. a lot of us just dealing with low clouds meaning asas you drive around, you can see just fine. that's most places. see this layer of clouds? zoom in over the sunshine skskyway bridge e between st. pete
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manatee cocounty and that fog and those clouds are justst low enough to really impede your visibility and that's why the sunshine skyway bridge has been closed. but for the majority of us, we will see the clouds this morning dissipate quickly and that's going to allow us to warm up to 76 at noon. and an afternoon high of 81 on this st. patrick's day. much wawarmer than average. slim 10% rain chancece. good news for you, the pollen count will slowly go down into the moderate category as rain chances go up. the best rain chance friday into saturday. and then a cool down. highs only at 68 on monday afternoon. we will check in now with traffic on the 8s because with commute. >> it. is it can be an hour depending on where you live and have work and you have toto loop all the way around. it's never good when the especially those in southern area. here's the situation, i-75 is the alternate. we have fog out there. here's a quick k live look at
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of the bridge. that's the situation, folks. let's move overer now and talk about the veterans expressway northbound, still blocked between ehrlich and hutchison. this should be wrap up within the next 20 minutes or so. reopen. it's due to overnight construction in the area. and they're starting to pick up some of the cones here. and we have got the eastbound lanes blocked now under the here. so eastbound blocked but reopeneded. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you. now you would never expect to see this at the beach. >> that's for sure. why beach goers are thinking twice, maybe more than twice before taking a dip with this guy. >> yeah, no kidding. and then the family thought he was gone forever. but five whole weeks later, he's alive and you can see he is well. when we get back, hear the miraculous and unbelievable story of one dog's will to survive. you're watching news channel 8
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her name is luna. she is waking up with her family inned is. listen to this, she was presumed dead after she fell off of a fishing boat about five weeks ago. and it happened near an island about 60 miles off the coast offed is. well after she fell, her owners spent two days searching for her and no luck. they couldn't find luna. but then tuesday, luna was found by the u.s. navy right near the beach. >> just really mind blowing to tell you the truth. when i got the call that that
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even thought in my wildest dreams that this would be a possibly, that i would ever see her again. and yeah, i mean, we just have to thank the navy really. >> what a great reunion. so why couldn't they find luna? that's the question, right. a biologist says her coat color blends so well with the sand and makes her difficult to spot. a driver in ohio is counting his blessings this morning after escaping being hit by a train. the entire thing caughtht on camera. so let's take a closer look. now you can see the van stuck on the tracks there. the van's owner rushes to grab something from inside. there you go, the train quickly approaches, slams that van. the guy did grab a bag and run as the train barrels down. and now within second, the train smashes. you can see it there. my goodness. wow. a close call but gene, nobody was hurt. that is amazing. >> that's fascinating to see it
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you would think k it would crush immediately. >> and i don't know what he was getting ouout but it was not that important. and a store clerk helping save a baby girl after her mother collapses to the ground. rebecca montana was working behind the count her a young mother walked in. -- counter when a young mother walked in. the woman started having a seizer, quick thinking here, that's when she reached for the baby. you saw her grab her there. and she then called 911. this morning the mother and baby are doing just fine. thankful for that. new this morning, the white house is releasing details of president barack obama's historic two-day visit to cuba. the presidident arrives monday and he will be traveling with the first lalady and theieir two daughters as well as the president's mother-in-law. now monday they'll be touring old havana but the will want be meeting with distants and young entrepreneurs in cuba and the first family will attend a
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however, president barackck obama will not meet with the revolutionary leader fidel castro. and the tampa bay rays is the e first of four gagames they'll play this week before traveling to cucuba themselves for their own history-making e splint havana. next tuesday, they'll pitch at this stadium wherere the rays will face the cubaban national team. and now major league baseball has shipped out more than 60- tons of clay and equipment to ensure the nearly 70-year-old venue in cuba will be in tiptop shape. a little different over there. and although the field is far from perfect, officials say it's ready for them to play ball. >> the field is not quite e up to what a major league field would be but that's okay. again, it's about the event. we just want to make sure that the field is safe. that the players can perform well on the field. that's all. >> this game will be the first fofor a big league club in cuba since 1999. back then, the baltimore
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and you can count on news channel 8 to bring g you highlights of this historic gameme and the president's visit to cuba. our keith cate is traveling to cuba this weekend. you can catch his reports starting sunday. it's 5:46 this thursday morning. and we have a big story for you. cobi bryant fans, you can win a free pair of floor seat tickets to his last game, all in the name of charity. now bryant is well aware that tickets to the laker's april 19 game against utah, the final game of his career, are in high demand. so he is raffling off two tickets to raise money for several charities. and there's more. the winner will also get plane tickets to la, a hotel room and the chance to high-five the future hall-of-famer himself. not bad. by the way, seats are already selling for a couple thousand >> wow. are you wearing your green today? i am.
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her way. right now, last-minute preps are underway in new york city for the annual st. patrick's day parade. millions will line the streets of manhattan. new york city mayor de blasio parade. this all ins a two-year boycott of the nation's largest st. patrick's day parade by the mayor now that they have fully dropped the ban on allowing gay groups to march under their own banners. >> not even 6:00 a.m. several times. something that's going to have beach goers thinking twice before taking a dip. it's this guy. it's not near us. this is freeport, texas. and that's an 8. 8.5-foot gator. experts claim it's not uncommon for large alligators to go into the surf, especially after big flooding events. for a family making their first trip to the beach, it was surprising. game wardens recommend beach
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don't attempt to feed it. you wowouldn't hahave to ask me twice. >> yeah, you don't have to tell me, i just wouldn't do that. i'm watching a couple low clouds off the gulf of mexico. and then of course, we zoom down here to the sunshine skyway bridge and the low clouds are low enough to be considered extremely thick fog and that has shut down the sunshine skyway bridge between pinellas and manatee counties. but most of us actually not dealing with fog. just high enough off the surface so that as you drive around, your visibility is not impeded and you may not be able to see tops of buildings, but you can drive and see the car in front of you: 70 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 81 for an afternoon high. only that 10% rain chance. most of you dry. currently 68 in brooksville. 68 in lakeland. we could see some patchy fog agagain throughout the morning hours. what is going to happen, the front is going to stall to the north. and that's why i left in a 10% chance but i'm not convinced anyone will actually see the rain today.
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and the rain chance tomorrow is 30%. and d then 50% on saturday. of course, that's the river at greens festival and also airfest at macdill air force base. leslee has a big heads up. >> i do. we have been talking about it for a while now, sunshine skyway bridge, folks, it's closed. it is closed. both directions, not able to cross over it. why? because it is a little bit dangerous with this visibility issue due to the fog. here's a look at the fishing pier too.o. no vehicles going by. it means i-75 is your unfortunate long alter. alternate. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. madness medical procedure. this story is crazy. >> yeahah, it hurts. up next, the excuse some are using to get out of work to enjoy the tournament games starting in a few hours. you got toto stick around and especially the guys.
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okay, this is crazy. would you go under the knife in the name of march madness in that's a new trend. men gets vasectomies so they can skip work and watch the ncaa tournament. >> nope.
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two or three days and that happens to be perfect to watch the first round today and tomorrow. so men are calling out of work to recover on the couch and keep up with their brackets. i guess maybe you're f you're doing it anyway but i don't see how you could just schedule it. >> couch recovery sounds great. everybody likes two days on the couch but do something less painful like a root canal. >> or take a vacation day? >> leigh, that's way too easy. >> you're going to get excited and want to jump up and move around and that's not good. >> i want to take my mind off this. enough of that. . march madness, last year we had so much fun. did you make your picks. >> i did. and i used facebook live so that i got a lot of help if the viewers. hopefully that will make me win. >> you're saying you cheated. >> i had some help. help. not as big of a exeater as you.
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>> so this thunder sleet is the cheating -- so this is the cheating side. >> last year, leslee our sports fanatic on the morning team, she said, she got this. and then you lost big. >> listen,n, i go for the team that i want to win, not necessarily that i believe will win. that's why southern cal is going all the way. >> i just randomly click. this morning, i took five minutes and clicked and i think i will win. >> you will want to stick around during march madness. >> the odds are in my favor. >> i don't know about that. another tech giant in a bind with the government this morning. >> what the government thinks about this app's encrypted messages and how the tech giant is responding. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away.
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a warm start. 27 degrees at tampa international airport. lucky at 81 this afternoon. only a 10% rain chance. well the sunshine skyway bridge is closed due to fog out there. keep this in mind. stay with us all morning because if you go down there, you're just going to be turned around and you have to loop around on 75. stay with us here on news
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good morning. thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle. >> and i am gene ramirez. we have two big breaking news stories to tell you about this morning. first, tampa police are investigating a deadly shooting. you're looking at live pictures here. the police department tells us a man armed with a gunfired at them overnight, hitting the center of a shield, protecting the officers. well police then shot and killed that man at a home on cherokee avenue.


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